Maperitive -> SVG -> Adobe Illustrator

It’s been a hard fight, but I’ve finally worked out most (all?) of Adobe Illustrator’s quirks and bugs in SVG importing and ways to go around them. I can now officially say that Adobe’s support for SVG is lousy (so much for their professed commitment to open standards). I even managed to export SVGs from Illustrator which then could not be imported back into it (“Can’t open the illustration”).

Anyway, SVGs now look pretty nice in Illustrator, but there is a price to pay: they need to generated in a different way than for Inkscape, so there is a new setting available in the export-svg command. They certainly look better than SVGs produced by the Export tab on the’s map site and they are structured in a more usable way (better layering and reuse of shapes, use of actual text lettering instead of graphic paths etc).

Here’s a sample SVG map of the Dublin’s center, so you can take a look (warning 1: do not try to open the file in a browser, it is a compressed SVG (SVGZ) file which only Illustrator and Inkscape know how to handle, warning 2: although the map file is not very large, it may take a while for Illustrator to open and show it).

Expect this feature to be available in the next Maperitive release (within days).