Yes, it’s finally here! After more than a month of hard work and a lot of code changes, I managed to produce a new stable release (well I hope it’s stable). Just to be on the safe side I did not publish the package to the main download directory so your old Maperitive installations will not detect the new version. This means you’ll need to download it manually from the beta location. So if anyone wants to have a go, please do and report any problems.

The new version has a lot of infrastructure code changes. The biggest change is that I’ve replaced Windsor Castle with my own newly implemented Dependency Injection library. This probably not very interesting to end users, so I’ll write more about it in other posts.

As for functionality, there are a lot of improvements:

  • improved performance (I’ve done performance profiling using dotTrace)
  • fixed Illustrator SVG problems
  • XAPI URL is now configurable
  • you can now specify lflp.max-allowed-corner-angle and lflp.min-buffer-space settings which control how line labeling works (see the default rules)
  • tile generator: new min-tile-file-size parameter which allows skipping of generating empty tiles
  • better error description of invalid OSM files
  • more forgiving OSM reader
  • Maperitive should now not fail if it cannot write settings
  • export commands now export to ‘output’ directory by default.