Pohorje Hiking Map

I finally invested some time into creating my own Kosmos rendering rules intended for hiking. I started from scratch, adding individual features either by copying them from existing rules or by writing new ones. I wanted to create a map that would suit my needs when hiking: distinguishing different types of hiking paths, forest tracks, marking paths that still need to be investigated (I use my own set of OSM tags for this), marking important hiking routes etc. It is quite difficult to get all these things right, so I needed a lot of experimenting before I got to this result.

The map of Pohorje reflects the data entered into OpenStreetMap during the last 2 years by a few mappers (no more than 4-5 from what I can remember). There is still a lot to be done, especially in the western part of Pohorje (which is farthest from where I live).

I haven’t been using Kosmos so much lately, so this exercise was useful – I discovered quite a few minor nuisances and ways to improve it. The biggest problem is defining actual rules, not just because they are written in wikitext, but also because they are not flexible enough. That got me into thinking of redesigning the whole rendering engine (GSS could be an option). I’ll spell out these ideas in some other post.

You can see my hiking rules at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Breki/Kosmos_Hiking_Rules, feel free to copy them (just don’t edit anything on the original page). Here are some screenshots taken from Kosmos:

Kosmos: Pohorje Hiking Map

Kosmos: Pohorje Hiking Map, detail