Good news: I managed to update my Breki.DemLibrary code to be able to download SRTM data from the new NASA server. The next step was to update the source code for GroundTruth in order for it to be able to use the new code.

After some initial testing, I think GroundTruth is ready for a new release, so here it is:

If you notice any bugs regarding the new SRTM code, please report back.

Kosmos is the next one to be updated, although I expect a little bit more work on it since it uses an older code base. Hopefully it will be done in the next couple of days.

The other good news is that while making these changes to the SRTM code, I decided to overhaul the whole library. The main reason make the support for other sources of height data like CGIAR-CSI,, SRTM1 etc. much easier and transparent to users. I already started implementing support for these sources, but it will take some more time before the thing gets finished.

The main idea is for the DemLibrary to automatically find the best source of height data for a given area. So, for example, if you’re interested in generating contours for Alps, it will know that the best height data can be found on viewfinerpanoramas (presumably) and will download these instead of the plain old NASA’s SRTM3 cells (which contain a lot of “holes” with no height data). The library should even be able to combine various different sources into a single DEM dataset.