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Published by breki on 25 Sep 2010

Hiking Trip: Revisiting Lovrenska jezera

Almost a year ago I posted some photos from my hiking trip to Lovrenska jezera. A few days ago I decided to take a day off before the rainy days come and revisit this beautiful place (and map some hiking paths not yet covered in OpenStreetMap).

The whole photo set it available on flickr.

zora na Rogli


zaprta pot



Published by breki on 28 Jun 2010

Food In The Macro World

Playing with my new macro lens. Can you guess what these are?

Piper nigrum 2

Rosmarinus Officinalis

Carum carvi

Answers: black pepper, rosemary and caraway.

Published by breki on 01 Mar 2010

Hiking Trip: Kebelj, Pohorje

Finally took some time off from Maperitive to sort out the pics from last week’s hiking trip around Kebelj, Pohorje. I had to walk for a few hours in a knee-deep snow with the tripod in my rucksack to get some decent tonemapped images.

Zaj?ev grad 1

Zaj?ev grad - sonce

Narebrano nebo 2.tif

Jezero - tihozitje 1

Published by breki on 05 Oct 2009

Hiking Trip: Lovrenska jezera

I finally processed my pics from a trip I made a week ago. I visited Rogla and Lovrenska jezera (Lovrenc lakes, OSM map link). A quote from a local link:

The Lovrenc lakes are not true lakes. They are true high peat swampland, which developed here 8000 years ago, after the Ice Ages. Glaciers retreated, hollowing out the Pohorje tonalite and leaving depressions, which were covered by water. They quickly became marshes and over the centuries, true bogs arose. Lack of contact with groundwater is characteristic and it is fed by precipitations alone.

Here are some of the photos, you can find the rest here, if you’re interested. All photos are geotagged, some of them are made using the HDR tonemapping technique.

Lovrenška jezera - panoramaPohodnikova utehaZadnje jezerceOpazovalni stolpPlaninka

Published by breki on 22 Aug 2009

Hiking Trip: Dublin’s Three Rock

I was on a business trip to Dublin this week and my colleague and me managed to get a few hours after work to visit Tree Rock mountain in the south of Dublin (Wikipedia article). As you can see from the photos, the weather was typically summerly Irish 😉

Tree Rock

One of the rocks the mountain got its name from…

Tree Rock

Panorama of the southeastern Dublin:

southeast Dublin Panorama from Tree Rock

The a few additional pictures can be found here. I would have posted the link to OSM map, but it’s in the maintenance mode this weekend and thus unreachable.

Published by breki on 08 Jul 2009

New Hiking Photos

Arnica montana, a protected wildflower species:


Nice pattern on this spider, I don’t know what species it is:


And a couple of shots created with HDR tonemapping. Had to carry my tripod for quite a long distance to get these:

Videc - pogled na Tovarno dušika RušePuše

The rest of the photos are here.

Published by breki on 05 Jul 2009

I’m Twitting

Ice cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley
Creative Commons License photo credit: State Library of New South Wales collection

I’ve succumbed to the Twitter craze (well, not really, just experimenting 😉 . You can follow me on

Topics? Development, OpenStreetMap, Kosmos and other projects I’m involved in, hiking, photography, who knows what else…

Published by breki on 01 Jun 2009

Mapping Trip: Crno jezero, Pohorje

A few pictures from my trip to Crno jezero on Pohorje (OSM map) last Friday. I haven’t met a single soul on my 4.5 hours hike, so I had a liberty to wander around and experiment with some new HDR techniques using my tripod.

Crno jezero (“Black lake”) is an artificial lake made on a marshy terrain made for logging purposes some 150 years ago (and used for this purpose until 1959). The name of the lake comes from the dark reddish color of its water. The lake and the surrounding area is now a nature reserve.

Below are some of the pictures I took, you can see the whole set here. All pictures are geotagged.

Most na ?rnavi, ?rno jezero

?rno jezero - panorama 2

?rno jezero - inf. tabla

Plaze?i skre?nik (Ajuga reptans)

Published by breki on 24 May 2009

Mapping Trip: Crni vrh, Pohorje

I haven’t done any real posting for a long time, so at least I’ll post some pictures this time.

Crni vrh (1543 m, OSM map link) is the highest peak of the Pohorje mountain. The area is a real treat for nature lovers and hikers. Since it wasn’t really mapped on the OSM, I’ve decided to take my friends for hiking there and I managed to take a few pictures along the way (here’s the whole set).

Ribnica lake (elevation 1500 m):

Ribniško jezero

A view from the Crni vrh towards the Kope ski center:

Pogled na Kope s ?rnega vrhaPogled na Kope

Ribniska koca guesthouse:

Ribniška ko?a

Published by breki on 05 Apr 2009

Mapping Trip: Hrastje

Some pictures from yesterday’s hiking around Hrastje near Maribor (here’s a map):

Hrastje vinograd (bracketed)

Lamium Purpureum

Meniški dvor, Vrhov dol

You can find the rest of the photo set here.

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