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Published by breki on 23 Jul 2008

Kosmos WorldFlier – New Screenshots

I uploaded some new screenshots of WorldFlier to, this time of Mount Etna. The work on WorldFlier is progressing, but there are still a lot of things to fix – relief still doesn’t exactly match the contours (well it is a prototype after all).


The screenshots show WorldFlier and Kosmos GUI – what you set in Kosmos GUI to be visible will be displayed in the 3D. So first I generated a elevation coloring map and then I used Landsat’s satellite images.

No OpenStreetMap data this time – there were some changes in OSMXAPI that prevented me from downloading the latest data.

Published by breki on 23 Jul 2008

Kosmos Featured On

Kosmos is today featured on the German IT-news portal The article presents the Kosmos application and also features screenshots and a video I recorded few days ago of the upcoming WorldFlier 3D rendering addition to the Kosmos.

This is the second article about Kosmos on The first one was published in January.

Published by breki on 18 Jul 2008

OpenStreetMap 3D – Short Video

I uploaded a short video of the OSM 3D rendering in action:

Now I go to bed :)

Published by breki on 17 Jul 2008

OpenStreetMap In 3D

Well Google Earth it is not ;).

A long time ago I mentioned I’ve been dreaming about drawing OpenStreetMap maps in 3D. Well for past few days I’ve been playing around with DirectX. Basically I took Mini 3D Terrain Viewer tool kindly provided by Patrick Murris and did some cannibalising of the code to make it draw a SRTM3 generated relief with an Kosmos-exported map of my home town Maribor (OSM map).

Here are some screenshots of the results so far (you can download somewhat larger versions of images from here).

Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5

The images are reduced from 1680×1000 resolution due to bandwidth constraints. The Kosmos-exported map which was used as a texture has a resolution of around 8000×8000 pixels (elevation contours are a part of that image and not rendered as 3D objects themselves). The whole thing was rendered on a GeForce 7600 GS.

This is just a crude prototype of 3D rendering which I want to introduce into Kosmos in the future. My wish is to draw OSM elements directly in 3D and not as part of a texture, but since I’m not an expert on DirectX, this could take a while (any helpful suggestions from 3D experts will be appreciated). But even in this crude state I think it looks quite nice, don’t you think?